Valves and and plant-wide gas-powered equipmentOne of the priority directions of the company activity is the efficient execution of orders for the supply of offsite and gas equipment and pipeline valves.
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Shut-off andcontrol valves designedfor regulation of flowby varying the amountflowingthrough a pipelinethe working environment.

Control valves arecontrolledfroman external source of energy. Whenmanual controlis carried out onlyperiodicstep control.

Shut — off valves aredesigned forfull coverageof the working medium flowin the pipelineandstart-upenvironment, depending on the process requirements. (the cycle of "open-closed"). This includesvalves, valves, check valves,butterfly valves. The main purpose ofthe valvesto block the flowof working mediumthrough the pipelineandagain let the environmentand to ensurethe necessarytightness.

Interesting information

Interesting information

About the peculiarities of calculation of charges for emission of pollutantsproduced by combustionin flaresand (or) dispersionof associated petroleum gas.

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Today in Moscowhosted the IIIinternational conference "compressed naturalgas-2014", organized byCREONenergy.