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Interesting information

Interesting information

About the peculiarities of calculation of charges for emission of pollutantsproduced by combustionin flaresand (or) dispersionof associated petroleum gas.

Normative andreference information

Today in Moscowhosted the IIIinternational conference "compressed naturalgas-2014", organized byCREONenergy.

Our services

We supplyhigh qualityequipment,our specialistsare highly qualified professionals, andlogisticscapabilities allow ustopromptlydeliver tothe mostcomplicatedplacesthe most complexloads.

The company TSK "Promtehnogaz" extensiveexperience withoil and gas industryof Russia, beingknownand reliable supplier ofcryogenic equipmentin this sector ofindustry.

Execution of works on repair and maintenance

SuppliesHigh qualitypipe fittingsworks in a wide rangeof temperatures, pressures, including aggressiveenvironments.The main tasksof the enterprise is theconstant introduction ofnew equipment, both domesticand imported.At the same timeis an integral part ofcontinuous monitoring of the ratio of price and qualityfittings,with the purpose of complying with the requirements ofJSC "Gazprom" to reducecosts to societyandthe involvement ofdomestic producersof rebar.

LLC "Trading-distribution company "Promtehnogaz" carries out the supplyof the following equipment:

In the direction ofShut-offand control valves:

  • Wedge gate valves, slide gate valves, actuated
  • Ball valves
  • Valvesshut-off and control
  • Discretevalve-choke
  • Valves
  • Check gatesand disk
  • Regulating device

In the directionplant-wideandgas-powered equipment

  • Control and measuring points
  • The device forprotection of pipelinesfrom inducedAC
  • Lathe, drilling machines
  • Hydraulic,crankstamping presses
  • Oilinstallation, oil purifiers
  • Equipment for welding
  • Accessories:
    • truckcargoself-propelled rail
    • cranes jib
    • water recycling systems, tools
  • Lifting equipment

To ensure timelydelivery of equipmentLLC "Trading-distribution company "Promtehnogaz" cooperates with largelogistics companies.